Why girls like “bad” boys?

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People say women like “bad boys” and I’d have to say there’s truth to that claim. But is this to say you can’t be nice and be with a good woman? Hardly. In fact, nice guys can finish first if they learn what the level of attraction is to a “bad” boy. Bad boys aren’t necessarily jerks who act maliciously to their women. But what they have learned is that women need men with strength. Too many “nice” guys in their attempts to be cordial and polite never learn to say no. They can’t stand up for themselves at work, in public, or with women. This is a major relational problem. If a man can not speak his mind even at the cost of upsetting the relationship, then most women can’t respect that. If a woman can’t respect a man, there’s not much chance she’ll choose this type of guy.

It comes down to protection. Men are built to lead and protect the family. If he can not emotionally stand up for himself and confront his girlfriend or spouse when he feels disrespected, then this woman will learn that her approval is what the man seeks most. If that’s the case, she will not feel protected in this relationship and over time the respect will erode to the point of one side controlling a weak and dependent man craving for a woman’s affirmation.

A lot of guys need to step up and grow a pair. Some may need counseling to work out the loss of a secure attachment with their mothers. Some may need to connect with an older female figure to get the maternal nurturing they lost in childhood. But what they shouldn’t do is to try and seek that female approval with a woman who’s supposed to be their equal. A spouse or girlfriend should be a partner not a man’s mother. They should not be dependent on women for their emotional sense of security. A man needs to find his security from within and from God otherwise we risk raising a generation of young men with purposeless lives hungering for outside approval.

  1. sistah1 says:

    Good points. I actually agree with you. LOL.

  2. samlouie says:

    thx for the vote of confidence!

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