Finding Your Destiny: Listening to your Mind, Body, and Soul

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In the world of counseling, I have the wonderful privilege to walk with people grappling with issues of life.  One of the gratifying aspects of the profession is when the issue turns to one of calling.  Even if you’re not actively contemplating this issue of authenticity, if you remain still long enough, your body, mind, and heart will tell you if you’re on the path towards integrity or one wracked with insincerity to self.

But in order to listen to yourself, pay attention to your body first.  Are you physically “sick in the stomach?”  Are you dealing with inexplicable soreness or pain?  Are you getting frequent headaches?  Are you self-medicating with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, or endless hours on Netlix?  If so, these may be clues you are not only numbing out on life but also your true destiny.

It may take time, maybe even years or decades but continue down this path long enough and your soul will revolt and refuse to stay quiet.  Instead, it will scream to be heard.  The sound of your true calling will reverberate throughout even if you have no idea what it is other than knowing your current state of affairs is “not it”!  

You may shudder in fear, pretend to be tone-deaf, and may even refuse to listen to God’s call to you.  You may run far in the opposite to escape it.  But in moments when are still, the ache from within forces you to confront it.  What “it” is, varies from person to person.

For those aspiring towards a career shift, the challenge is often one of balancing two seemingly, competing set of values: fear and fearlessness, risk and security, uniqueness and conformity.  In actuality, the forces are not necessarily in competition with one another as it is coinciding with each other much like the yin and yang.  

Beyond professional callings, there can also be the calling in relationships.  For some it may be the calling to leave a caustic or abusive relationship.  For others, it may be a wake-up call to get into one.  And then there are those who may hear the call to truly be in relationship with their current partners or spouses.  No more prioritizing work over your spouse.  You are now called to unveil your true self to your other.  No more fear of rejection.  In addition, no more blockades separating the two of you: hobbies, kids, errands, technology, or other life-sucking activities.

Speaking of life-sucking, you may be “called” to rid yourself of any and all the toxicity that you’ve been feeding your body or mind: unhealthy food sources, alcohol, drugs, pornography, and negative scripts you have of yourself.  Regardless of the type of call you’re receiving, trust yourself it’s the call you must heed.  This is more than about your vocation, your relationship, or your dysfunction.  It’s about a spiritual renewal, an awakening that offers to rumble and shake you to your core.  What do you do when you hear it calling?  Stop running, heed the call, and learn to embrace the destiny of you. 

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