The Sexual Conquest of an Asian Woman: The Long-Term Consequences of Racism, Sexism, and Imperialism.

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How did the Asian woman become the symbol of sexual docility, subserviency, and exoticism?  While viewed as demure, the Asian woman is also cast through the years as a sexual temptress n the same vein, the Asian woman is considered a sexual temptress to be tamed and devoured by the white man.

The reality is this was the result of Western Imperialism in East Asian countries through the years.  There’s an ugly truth in war that few want to acknowledge: sexual collateral damage.  Especially America’s history of military occupation overseas in Asian countries.

For example, during the Philippine-American War (1899-1902). The Filipinos fought against being colonized by the U.S. but 250,000 lost lives later, they succumbed to the might of the U.S. military.  The war only lasted three years, but a large number of American soldiers were stationed on the island for more than a decade to quell local rebellions using slash-and-burn techniques that left the  country in waste. When the soldiers tired of wreaking havoc on the land, this same imperialistic mentality to conquer shifted to the local Filipina women who they referred to as “little brown f**king machines powered by rice.”*

Filipino women were viewed as so subservient and subordinate, U.S. soldiers sexually denigrated them in a way they would never have treated their spouses or other women back home. It was this American colonialization period during the turn of the 20th century that gave rise to today’s notorious sex entertainment industry in Asia. Sex and prostitution sprang up to cater to the American military amidst the backdrop of political and economic plight, despair, and poverty where a man could have “a girl for the price of a hamburger”.*

During the Vietnam War, this only intensified as the conflict took a long and brutal toll on the U.S. military and on their psyche.  Consequently, several military bases were stationed in Thailand to shelter up to 70,000 American GIs at any given time for “rest and recreation.” “With pervasive disregard for human rights, the military grimly accepts and recognizes access to indigenous women’s bodies as a ‘necessity’ for American GIs stationed overseas.”*

If the sexual oppression was to end with the conclusion of the Vietnam War, it’d be relegated to an abomination from the past. But today’s flourishing sex tourism industry in Thailand (and other neighboring Asian and SE Asian countries), should be a reminder of the remnants of Western imperialism (American and European) and military presence overseas. It is “far from being a thing of the past, but is a lived experience of many.”*

Millions of tourists from Europe and the United States visit Thailand specifically for its sex industry alone (65% were single men in one study).* So while political Western colonization is absent in the Far East, it is still physically rampant in the pants of many Anglos. The desire to sexually possess, conquer, and at times humiliate a subservient Asian woman permeates our culture. 

Northern California Attorney Sunny Woan and author of the abstract, “White Sexual Imperialism” reminds us that crimes against Asian women need to be filtered through the lens of race.  To do otherwise, Woan believes is to turn a blind eye to the historical impact of racism and sexism.   “If we treat it like it’s nothing, then we are being complacent to racism, sexism, and here most pertinently, the repercussions of cultural imperialism.”

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  1. Niparpon says:

    Thank you for being our man to see the truth and not insulting Asian women like others. I know a few people who work as massagers. All they want to offer is a Thai massage…many customers, especially those in the military, will push them $500 cash for a blow job. $500 for a ten minutes work…Just do it, then forget about it, so I can have more money to buy food for my family. Greed, desire, greed, desire…

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