Make History by Landing a Triple Axel: Asian Parents finally Express Pride in Daughter

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When you grow up in a traditional Asian-American household, praise and affirmation can be hard to come by.  This was made more evident when Mirai Nagasu, became the first female American figure skater to land a triple-axle in the Olympics.  She was born in the Los Angeles area while her parents are Japanese immigrants who moved to Southern California nearly 30 years ago.

“Coming from an Asian background, my parents don’t say things like ‘I’m proud of you,” Nagasu told KNBC before the competition.

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Micro-Cheating: A Major Problem amidst Social Media Circles

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In years past, cheating was fairly clear-cut but in our digital age, this line can get very blurry. With the proliferation of social media channels, where do you draw the line? While someone may not have crossed any physical boundaries with social media flirting, “liking”, and texting with emojis, experts believe it can turn into an emotional affair (i.e. an affair of the heart). Continue Reading

The Addict’s Dreams: Relapsing in the Unconscious & What It Means for Recovery

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In the psychotherapy field, one area that often gets overlooked is a person’s dream state.  Yet because my focus is also in addictions, this is an area that must be not only examined but encouraged for the client to share.

Case in point, I was running an addiction group and a new member sheepishly asked if she could still consider herself sober since she had a dream where she was drinking alcohol again.  In her mind, the dream was so real, vivid, and brought on such shame that she truly believed she had relapsed despite being sober for almost two weeks. Continue Reading

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