Jeremy Lin is a Champion: Minutes don’t Matter

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When the Toronto Raptors won its first NBA Basketball Championship on June 13th, the nation of Canada exploded in celebration.  One player, Jeremy Lin, a Taiwanese-American was also on the roster.  While his contribution on the court and playing time was minimal, he too celebrated as a member of the Raptors.

When media outlets point out he made history as the first Asian-American NBA Champion, many critics scoffed.  They cited, he only played 27 minutes throughout the entire playoffs, with all the minutes meaningless to the outcome.  

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I am from Hong Kong, Not China

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Frances Hui, an Emerson College student is getting negative and at times threatening backlash from mainland Chinese students and others she’s encountered both in-person and online after penning an article for the college’s student newspaper titled, “I am from Hong Kong, not China.” 

The article was prompted after a mainland Chinese on board a bus in Boston asked, “Where are you from?”.

When she eventually replied “Hong Kong,” the man started to get aggressive, Hui recounted. He insisted that she should define herself as “from China” — which was handed control of the former British colony in 1997.

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Finding Your Destiny: Listening to your Mind, Body, and Soul

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In the world of counseling, I have the wonderful privilege to walk with people grappling with issues of life.  One of the gratifying aspects of the profession is when the issue turns to one of calling.  Even if you’re not actively contemplating this issue of authenticity, if you remain still long enough, your body, mind, and heart will tell you if you’re on the path towards integrity or one wracked with insincerity to self.

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