The Purpose of Pornography: Porn also traps those who lack purpose in their lives.

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Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

In my work with those dealing with addictions in general but more specifically those dealing with pornography use, there’s an overwhelming sense of purposelessness. They may have a great image such as nice homes, professions, and even families but their internal core is askew. They feel spiritually empty and devoid of substance and may resign themselves to using porn/sex as a way to ease the pain that gnaws at the soul.

As humans, we need a deep sense of meaning or calling. Making money for men has often been a mirage. Men may think if they have the right job or make a certain amount of money they have found “it”. But no amount of material wealth or goods can give us what we desperately need- a divine calling that lights our path to our own healing and wholeness.

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Mental Health & Community Policing: A New Model to Address Systemic Racism

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Officer Jaime Ford with Mental Health Professional Susie Kroll
Courtesy: City of Redmond

Redmond, Washington is a city that covers 15 square miles with a population of 65,000. The number swells to more than twice that during the day as Microsoft and Nintendo are both headquartered here. The city is approximately 30 minutes east of downtown Seattle.

Since 2017 the city has utilized what’s known as a co-responder model to emergency calls where a mental health professional (MHP) responds to those calls alongside an officer.

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Systemic Sexual Racism: The Impact on Asian-American Men.

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Revenge of the Nerds (1984)

In the United States, dating for ethnic minorities is rife with stereotypes, caricatures, and deeply embedded into mainstream media messages especially as it relates to masculinity and virility.

Consider the following: the Italian stallion, the Latin lover, or the Black stud. All of these carry a hypersexual or overly sexualized perception of men from these various cultures. But for the Asian male, he is relegated to the sphere of asexuality at best.

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