Culture Class: Western IndivIdualism vs. Eastern Collectivism

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Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

I was reminded once again of how stark the culture clash is between Asian collectivist values and Eurocentric individualistic values when I recently gave a presentation at a college focused on the Asian-American experience.

Sure, when immigrants of any country arrive in the United States there will be a “culture clash” of sorts as they navigate a new language, customs, and the nuances of everyday American life. But for immigrants coming from collectivist cultures of Asia, the value differences between East and West can create a chasm between parents and their children being raised in western society.

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Instant Porn via Instagram: What Parents Need to Know

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UnSplash Katka Pavlickova

Instagram has long been viewed as a cute, harmless social media site where you can post and share pictures with the world.  Unfortunately, what many parents do not realize is Instagram is quickly turning into a gateway to pornography as its usage rises with teens and young adults.

Statistics show Instagram is the second most popular social media site with Snapchat being #1 among Millennials as users under 35 years old make up more than 70% of Instagram’s active accounts around the word.   Continue Reading

I could be Robert Kraft: Soliciting Sex from Sex-Trafficked Women

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When one of my clients first heard the news about New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft allegedly paying for sex from an Asian massage parlor, it reminded him of his not-too distant past where he felt addicted to going to massage parlors for illicit sexual activity.

On Tuesday this week, Kraft, requested to have a jury trial after being recently charged with 2 prostitution-related charges after Jupiter Police in Florida claim he paid for sex acts at an Asian massage parlor.   Continue Reading

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