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 Asian Shame and Addiction: Suffering in Silence 

Asians are drowning in shame and addictions with no way out. Is this any different from a traditional Westerner? Very much so. Shame and honor are embedded in the Asian way of thinking, behaving, and interacting. If you do not understand the cultural history of honor and shame and its underpinnings, then you will have a hard time understanding the mindset of Asians, let alone the stranglehold of shame that keeps many locked in addictions for fear of being known. Shame is pernicious and if you’re Asian, your desire to honor your self, family, and culture is paramount. But in doing so, many Asians cope their entire lives by hiding in shame and condemnation, never to feel safe enough to share the deepest parts of who they are with others. Deeply afraid to be known. This shame can lead to self-medicating addictions such as gambling, sex, alcoholism, and a host of other compulsive behaviors.

Everyday Clinician to Sex Addiction

The Everyday Clinician’s Guide to Sex Addiction: From Intake to Treatment

(a pdf packet $5.99)

As a psychotherapist in private practice specializing in sex addiction, I recognized the need for more practical materials and information to everyday clinicians who inevitably see them in their own practices and separate specialties.

Slanted Eyes - r2 cover ebook

Slanted Eyes: The Asian-American Poetic Experience

A poetry collection of Haikus and Spoken Word poems dedicated to the Asian-American experience, mental health, addictions, and Christianity.





The Quick Clinician’s Guide to Asian-Americans

(a pdf packet $5.99)

If you work with Asian-Americans in any capacity, this quick reference guide will give you the basics on Asian-American immigration, demographics, and perpetual issues that impact them which include cultural shame, assimilation, discrimination, and the ethnic, collectivist background which unites them.



Social Media Savvy - r1 cover mockup

Social Media Savvy: Marketing for Private Practice (e-book)

For any therapist who’s ever felt intimidated with both traditional marketing and now new media.  I walk you through what you need to know to be a successful therapist in the 21st century.

 Zen Photos: Photography as Therapy

As a therapist, I also believe art in itself can serve as another means towards healing and calming the soul.  For myself, photography is a form of non-verbal therapy.  I gravitate towards finding images that I believe have therapeutic and Zen-like qualities in them.  Read my interview about PhotoTherapy here.

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