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Dolce & Gabbana: Stick a Fork in It

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The Italian luxury brand, Dolce and Gabbana, is facing a billion dollar backlash from China after Dolce & Gabbana posted video clips on Instagram mocking a Chinese woman seen struggling to eat pizza, spaghetti, and other Italian foods with her chopsticks.In addition to the culturally insensitive ad, the Instagram account also had five smiling poo emojis used to describe China as a pile of excrement.

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Asian Shame: Suicide to look like Murder

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Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash

Asian suicide is often misunderstood in Western cultures and viewed from a  narrow scope of mental health.  Yet, what many don’t recognize are cultural factors that can make someone of Asian ancestry not only susceptible to suicide but the cultural belief that suicide is morally permissible.

Dating back at least 2500 years, Confucius espoused his viewpoints on the need for Asian individuals to submit to the greater good of the collective group and doing so as a means of honoring yourself and others.  This in turn, would bring about stability and harmony.  His viewpoints on this can be summed up in his 5 Cardinal Rules where you are to honor your superiors and strive towards unity and group cohesion.  His beliefs started in China but spread throughout Japan, Korea and much of Asia.  In addition to his beliefs, other philosophical, educational, political, and religious viewpoints coincided in reinforcing the need to preserve your cultural honor, even if it means killing yourself to do so. Continue Reading

Intimacy Disorder: The Root of Addiction

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By Alex Holyoake of Unsplash

What is emotional intimacy and how does this impact addiction? The lack of true intimacy where an individual does not feel emotionally safe to share their thoughts, feelings, concerns, desires, and needs leaves one vulnerable to develop addictive tendencies as a means to cope.

This can be a one-time incident or the cumulative effect of what’s known as attachment trauma where connection, bonding, safety, and trust are compromised. Ruptures in attachments (i.e. with parents, primary caregivers, coaches, and/or other significant figures) can be overt and explicit like physical or sexual abuse where “something is done to an individual”. Continue Reading

I am from a Chinese Wok

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Photo by Margo Brodowicz on Unsplash

I am from a Chinese wok,

of Oolong tea and red envelopes,

I am from a tiny orange house with

matching shag carpet, of bitter melon soup,

rock cod fish, Church’s fried chicken with a

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American’t: The Trauma of Americanization

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Photo by Samuel Schneider on Unsplash

In traditional counseling trainings, trauma is somewhat limited.  Part of this is due to the narrow viewpoint of the decision-makers who are responsible for creating the parameters around trauma.

While neglect, abuse, divorce, death, and a myriad of other family and relational dynamics encompass trauma, no one has ever explicitly stated that the process of immigrating, transitioning, and learning to become American can be a traumatizing experience.

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