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Why girls like “bad” boys?

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People say women like “bad boys” and I’d have to say there’s truth to that claim. But is this to say you can’t be nice and be with a good woman? Hardly. In fact, nice guys can finish first if they learn what the level of attraction is to a “bad” boy. Bad boys aren’t necessarily jerks who act maliciously to their women. But what they have learned is that women need men with strength. Continue Reading

Boys to men? When?

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How do you know when you’re a man? I wish I could say it’s when you hit a certain age or reach a certain milestone such as getting a stable job or even marriage but those are poor barometers of measuring manhood.

Because we live in a society where males are left to do most of this on our own, it’s no wonder there are so many guys who are unsure what it means to be a man. Continue Reading

Are you a Dating Doormat?

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So many men & women go through life trying to be “nice”.  They don’t want to be labelled as controlling so they turn into people-pleasers.  Unfortunately in the dating world, this is a set-up for disaster.

To a certain degree, many of us consciously or unconsciously “test” our significant others to see if they have the strength to disagree with us and/or stand-up for themselves.  Continue Reading

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