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Monika Grabkowska Unsplash

Like the rings of a tree,

growth will differ,

year to year,

even month to month,

yet we honor,

what nature throws at us.

My Hyphen: Yes, I’m Asian-American

Race Matters: Candid Conversations on Race & Culture, Sam's Poetry1 comment

Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash

I’m an American,

through and through,

but an American with a hyphen too.


An ode to my culture, customs,

and ethnic ties,

yet critics say my hyphen divides, Continue Reading

I am from a Chinese Wok

Asian Shame, Sam's Poetry0 comments

Photo by Margo Brodowicz on Unsplash

I am from a Chinese wok,

of Oolong tea and red envelopes,

I am from a tiny orange house with

matching shag carpet, of bitter melon soup,

rock cod fish, Church’s fried chicken with a

strawberry drink. Continue Reading

My Passport to Pain

Sam's Poetry0 comments

My passport

looks wrong,

British for nationality,

Chinese by ethnicity,

living in an American democracy,

stamped through customs

in countries internationally.


It’s my passport

to pain,

culture of shame, Continue Reading

Multiple Maladies: The Addictive Personality (Spoken Word)

Addictions, Sam's Poetry0 comments

My drug of choice,

is not one over the other.

Instead it’s whatever my

heart desires or treasures.


Some days sex,

some days booze,

other days

a pack of smokes,

it can also include

bingeing on food. Continue Reading

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