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Jeff Bezos Caught Sexting: Why Smart Adults Sext

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By all accounts, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is a smart man to say the least.   He started Amazon in the garage of his Seattle home back in 1994 as an online book retailer which since then has become the world’s largest online retailer.  Along the way, it catapulted Bezos into the world’s richest man at an estimated net worth of $142 billion dollars.

Putting financial statements aside, he’s also just a man who puts his pants on one leg at a time, except when he needs to sext.  You may have heard about the recent imbroglio Bezos is caught in with the National Enquirer.  The Enquirer states it lawfully obtained salacious and sexual photos and messages that Bezos had previously sent to his reported girlfriend, former Los Angeles news anchor, Lauren Sanchez. Bezos is married to his wife, Mackenzie, of 25 years but recently announced they will be divorcing (sexting with someone other than your spouse can be harmful to your marriage). Continue Reading

Recovery from Problematic Sexual Behaviors: Taking Ownership & Responsibility

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In my years of treating both individuals and couples dealing with out-of-control sexual behaviors, it’s worth noting that there’s a significant difference in terms of healing and recovery for betrayed spouses when the offender takes ownership of his/her behaviors.

Some clients feel they’ve done so by apologizing profusely and promising never to engage in the sexual behaviors ever again.  While this is definitely needed, it’s often misplaced and comes prior to truly acknowledging how one has impacted the spouse.

Continue Reading

Micro-Cheating: A Major Problem amidst Social Media Circles

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In years past, cheating was fairly clear-cut but in our digital age, this line can get very blurry. With the proliferation of social media channels, where do you draw the line? While someone may not have crossed any physical boundaries with social media flirting, “liking”, and texting with emojis, experts believe it can turn into an emotional affair (i.e. an affair of the heart). Continue Reading

Hapa: Torn between Two Identities

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hapaI was recently reminded of the difficulties of growing up biracial so here’s one of my poems addressing this identity issue.

I don’t quite fit in,
not 100% Asian,
nor 100% “American”.
Call me, “Hapa”,
Hawaiian for mixed,
rejected, not accepted,
no tribe to call my own,
all I want really is to belong,
a place, I can call home.

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The Rich Chinese & the Racist Chinese in Me?!

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Super rich

As a psychotherapist and speaker who delves into the world of diversity and culture, one aspect in my teachings is to recognize and acknowledge not only the cultural bias evident around me in mainstream culture but also the bias that resides in me.  It’s easy to be the victim and recipient of racism but it’s challenging to know that there’s a piece of me that’s also a perpetrator.

When I recently read this article in the New Yorker about the rich Chinese flaunting their wealth and using it as leverage to move overseas and buy property overseas, I became painfully aware of my own struggle of wanting to discriminate against them. Continue Reading

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