Spiritual Formation


As someone who comes from a faith perspective, you want a therapist in line with your values yet also has the
compassion, clinical insight, and non-judgmental attitude to help you discern God’s voice in your life. You may have been preached at or even experienced spiritual
or religious abuse.  Sam’s goal as a spiritual director is to guide you through life’s transitions or challenges so you can find peace, healing, and spiritual health while connecting more deeply with a Redeemer who yearns to know you, love you, and use you to fulfill his purposes in the world.

Sam believes your spiritual health is tied to your emotional health.  You can’t “fake it” and pretend your walk with Lord is great when it’s not.  But you may be doing this to protect yourself from being judged from your family, church, or community.  Part of having a great faith journey is authenticity-being authentic to your emotions and knowing this does not compromise your views.  In fact, those with the strongest spiritual convictions oftentimes dealt with significant doubts, insecurities, and concerns.

Don’t let the world dictate what your faith should look like.  You deserve a more vibrant connection with God, but this can only come from being more honest with who and where you are, no matter the season.  May your work with Sam equip you to embrace what God desires for your life.

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