“Sam brings unbridled enthusiasm to his desire to help couples and singles discover themselves and each other.  His passion for building strong and happy relationships is rooted in his own epiphany and experiences.  Sam Louie’s observations are not only edifying, but fun.”
 Val Zavala, Vice President of News & Public Affairs (PBS-Los Angeles)

“Sam brings a gentle spirit, a loving heart, and a soul full of compassion.  Having weathered life’s storms himself, Sam now stands as a beacon to others, proof in the flesh that we can persevere and overcome through the worst of times, to find the bright sunshine in the best of times.”–Clyde Gray, Television News Anchor (WCPO-TV, Cincinnati) 

“We all go through life facing some sort of adversity. Sam has taken his bend in the road not only introspectively, but in a manner that has helped others heal and grow through his coaching and sharing. He has a true passion and talent to help the ordinary person who struggles to reconcile the bend in the road that we face in life.” 
–Michael, single father

“My friends would give me all the wrong relationship advice.  Telling me what I wanted to hear.  Sam is different. He explored all of my options and guided me to do what was best for me.  Breaking patterns isn’t easy.  I used to make the same unhealthy mistakes over and over. But Sam has guided me to split from the identical tendencies and act on new, sound choices.”
-Kathy, writer

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